A tour of my cosplay closet

People who make cosplays generally have a buttload of supplies stashed away somewhere because one day they “might” need it. Over the years, I think I have probably hoarded a few thousand dollars worth of tools, fabric, wigs, makeup, and more. I used to have two closets to store everything in, but now, I just have one. Brace your eyes.

I try to keep some organization in my closet by grouping items into similar categories. Not gonna lie, I might have cleaned my closet for this post.

The top shelf is wigs, head pieces, wig styling tools, and fabrics over a yard.

I have seven colours of fabric. Do not be scared about buying fabrics with fun textures and patterns! I think this actually adds depth into your character’s clothing and it will make you stand out from the crowd. However, if you’re all about that 100% accuracy life, buy only solids. I also recommend buying gold, white, and black trims whenever you can get them on sale, especially lace and ruffles.

I have 12 wigs. I used to purchase a new wig for every single character, but that life is behind me. The reselling life is too hard, and honestly, I like the look of Arda better anyway. Now I just style my wigs based on what I need. For example, my Qiyana wig and my Late-for-School-Bread-Girl is the same wig, and I can restyle it if I want to.

I also have four pairs of animal ears. A white pair, a black pair, and a fox pair. I’m actually thinking of selling the fox pair because I honestly have not been attracted to any foxy characters recently, but not before I get a shoot in first.

The second shelf houses miscellaneous crafting supplies and paint

I have just so much stuff, but I feel like I can’t toss any of it. Thread, trims, various crafting supplies, and paint all kind of go here. See, if I had a normal hobby like painting or something, I might be happy with just my paints but this cosplay life requires me to have a little bit of everything. Perhaps one day, I will just… toss it to the next budding cosplayer.

The third shelf is sewing machines and thread + other sewing supplies

I have a sewing machine ($100), a serger ($400) , and an embroidery machine ($500), which I have touched exactly one time.

The bottom shelf stores finished costumes

… in bags. I used to store finished costumes in my closet, but when I moved out of my mom’s, my closet shrank in half, and they don’t fit anymore. I try to keep, at max, 5 completed costumes (down from my previous goal of 10). I reason that there are only 3 days at a con anyway, so having 5 costumes would probably get me through 2 cons.

This year, tho, I only have a few.

  • Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle) has been sitting in the closet for a year… I will be posting some pics of him soon :’)
  • Shuten Douji (Fate) has been sitting there, in a half finished state for YEARS, I don’t even want to talk about how long I’ve worked on this cosplay
  • Qiyana (League of Legends) was in the closet, but I got another cosplayer to remake part of the costume for me… not sure when I’m going to rewear her again but I do want to wear her one more time, at the very least
  • Zenitsu (Kimetsu no Yaiba) has been here since maybe episode 7 of the anime and I have never worn him to a con.
  • Jenny (BlackPink) has been integrated into my regular closet, so she doesn’t count, but I still have her wig.

My props (and prop-making supplies) aren’t stored in here, but they are, unfortunately, randomly scattered on my balcony and a separate closet. I just can’t contain this monster that is my cosplay hobby.

But this is much better than it used to be. My goal here is to one day just be able to contain my cosplay supplies to like one… closet. How long have you been cosplaying and how much stuff do you have? Let me know in the comments.

Toodles, Nyanners.

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